Who are we?

Lowpoly Interactive

We are an indie game development studio, passionate about history and making games that will take you on journeys inside mythical worlds, challenge you and tell you stories you might be familiar with, but from a new perspective, through unique aesthetics and design. We are based in Transylvania but our team is composed of people from 3 continents: America, Europe and Asia.


For us it all started when we met online on a Warcraft 3 Modding Forum that we founded called Chaos Realm. We quickly realized we are addicted to bringing to life characters or creating custom maps with our own imagination.


Years later, after working different jobs, we have regrouped to use our skills and experience together to create standalone games. We aim to create memorable experiences for the players and in the end develop the kind of games that we love playing. Our first project is Vikings Vengeance, an ARPG with some new mechanics, great norse legends and fresh look which we hope to lay the foundation for our next games.

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Meet The Team

Bogdan Radu

- Co-Founder, Studio Director, Developer, Designer, 3D Modeler
Bachelor of Science, Founder of Warcraft3 modding community Chaos Realm, Founder of 3D Community Lowpoly Workshop, Bogdan has worked in the game industry for over 6 years, primarily on mobile markets where he helped deliver hundreds of small games as well as working on few Virtual Reality Games. Bogdan is the developer putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Lucian Ionescu

- Co-Founder, Game Designer, 3D Modeler, Writer -
Arts and Design Major, fully fledged and self proclamied nerd, Luci met Bogdan on Chaos Realm Wc3 Modding Community and took his courses in 3D Modelling at Lowpoly Workshop. He is the creative mind behind the Viking Vengeance story, concepts, character builds and flow. He is also responsible for creating most of the characters 3D Models.

Darrel Magpali

- Lead Animator -

Bachelor of Science Multimedia Arts. Coming from the Wc3 modding community, Darrel is a self-taught animator who wants to share his love of the arts and videogames. He is fluent in 3D and 2D animations and he is an addicted gamer.

Machuji Muto

- Animator -

Bachelor of Science, Legendary Warcraft3 Battlestadium DON Mapmaker, downloaded more than 1 million times, a talented animator and generalist in game modding, Machuji joined the team to bring his expertise and experience excited about working on a standalone game.

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